Shade Visions

Light and warmth from the sun make life possible; yet the sun’s heat, glare and radiation also pose risks to the way we live. Shade, the architectural compromise between light and darkness, opens up the possibilities of living: enjoying a meal outside without wilting, reducing power consumption in our homes and buildings, and providing aesthetically appealing and usable public spaces.

Just as steel, elevators and air conditioning changed the built environment, Sunbrella® performance fabric–with its 50-year history of innovation–changed how we think about shade. While the protection and practicality of fabric shade structures contribute to comfort and reduce interior heat gain, sculptural and aesthetically pleasing uses of fabrics take building design to a new level.

Sunbrella partnered with Architizer, the largest online community of architects and designers, to crowdsource the latest thinking on shade innovation. The Future of Shade competition asked for new, innovative visions in shade design. Explore this collection of entries, each with a different take on how shade designs should protect and enhance a space, while engaging the people who seek its refuge. You can also watch this video to learn more about the Future of Shade project.


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